About Us


Rugga Kids prides itself on teaching children a healthy and safe way to enjoy sports, and was founded in 2003 on a love for rugby and a passion for developing our youth. The organisation  provides kids from the ages of 3 to 8 an amazing opportunity to enjoy an easy way of learning vital motor skills, teamwork  and the necessary skills for the game of rugby – all in a fun, healthy, sociable way. 
Over the past decade the organisation has achieved great success in establishing itself as a concept that is unique in its appeal and highly beneficial to children. The programme is currently active in over 400 nursery schools, pre-schools and primary schools, involving more than 4000 kids.


Our vision is to pioneer rugby skills development reaching children aged 3 to 8 at all registered nursery, pre-primary and primary schools in Southern Africa.


Our objective is to develop rugby in all communities and cultures, maintaining a gender fair approach. We strive to develop motor-skills and safety techniques, which forms the base for all future rugby players. Our primary goal is the holistic development of the learner within the rugby milieu. We encourage the learner to develop a passion for the game and a healthy respect for the safety and human dignity of all participants.


Rugga Kids is built on the principles of skills & personal development, fun, fitness, balance, happiness, health, confidence, commitment, and creativity. These principles ensure that every time a Rugga Kids  participant or graduate steps onto the field they do so confidently and safely.